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EXTREME Series Grinder Pump

The new EXTREME pump line further exceeds the performance and application abilities of the former 2000 Series sewer pump, providing greater total dynamic head (185 ft. vs.138 ft.) and a longer life expectancy.

The idea of the E|ONE Sewer system is relatively simple: the E|ONE Extreme grinder pump station collects all of the wastewater from the home, grinds up any solids and then moves the effluent through small-diameter (1-1/4” to 4”) pipe to treatment. 

Rocky, hilly and wet sites are great candidates for E|ONE to sewer at a fraction of the cost of conventional gravity systems, and recent studies are indicating the E|ONE system to run at just half the operations and maintenance budget of gravity sewer. 

“Less installed cost and less operation and maintenance add up to greater homeowner satisfaction, and that’s what it’s all about.”

The new E|ONE Extreme grinder pump series, launched Summer '07, reflects everything we've learned in nearly 40 years of category leadership.


Enhanced pump controls: expanded diagnostics, protection and communications capabilities

Differential pressure switch level control in separate, removable assembly

Equalizer compensates for fluctuations in atmospheric pressure while providing a sealed, water-tight level control system

New, more resilient stator material enables higher pressure rating of 80 psi, using E|ONE proprietary stator chemistry

Indestructible level sensor housing

Electrical quick disconnect (EQD) seals and connects without tools; uses single-turn locking ring


Freemire & Associates has been selling the E|ONE system since 1973. With over 30,000 units in the Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware area and 500,000 nation wide please allow us to show you how to save money on your next project.



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