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Chlorination - The kinds of treatment systems SANURIL can be used with include:


Package treatment plants


Contact stabilization plants


Home aerobic plants


Septic tank - Sand filter systems


Lagoons - oxidation ditches


Physical - chemical plants
Spray irrigation systems

The best of both worlds.....SANURIL® and D-CHLOR™. D-CHLOR allows the use of chlorine for the benefit of disinfection while at the same time removes chlorine residuals before discharge.

Use them separately or combine them for a reliable chlorination/dechlorination system. SANURIL and D-CHLOR.....There has never been a safer or easier way to meet discharge standards.

Dechlorination - With the D-CHLOR Tablet System dangers and problems with sulfur dioxide gas systems are avoided, as well as the mixing and handling of concentrated sulfite solutions. 

D-Chlor is effective in treating:

Tap Water
Cooling tower blowdown
Any process water where the presence of chlorine or oxidizers is undesirable due to corrosion, oxidation or biological hazards.


Water Disinfection System  - Applications: Operating by itself without power the tablet feeder is ideal for remote installations. Adaptable to any water system, the tablet feeder is used in the following pumped well systems:

 Hand pump
Gravity feed
Motor driven 


The AQUAWARD System has other applications:

 Odor Control
Secondary Sewage Treatment

Cyanide Destruction


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